Testimonials from our Students and Parents

You are a super Team..
Words can't express how much I am grateful for you, your support and your honesty. You are so professional and precise, and last but not least, caring from the heart. 

I would have never been able to send both of my kids for a better chance of education without your support.

I very highly recommend your services to all my friends and family.
Wish you good luck.

Ms. Randa Anwar from Cairo, Egypt
Mother of Ziad Shokeir, University of Sussex , BEng Mechanical Engineering, 2016 & 
Mother of Ayman Shokeir, University of Nottingham, BEng Civil Engineering, 2017

انا بصراحة اتعاملت في البداية مع شركة اخري و لم اشعر معهم بارتياح ثم اتعاملت مع اديوسمارت انترناشونال السنة الماضية بخصوص ابني 
و كانت د/ماري و السيد دانيال قمة في الاحترافية و الالتزام و الصبر ايضا 
و عرضوا علينا العديد من الجامعات لاختيار الامثل لنا
. شكرا جزيلا لتعبكم معانا و فعلا بدون اي مجاملة ارشحكم لاي اب يرغب في تعليم ابنة في الخارج

شكرا جزيلا مرة اخري.

Mr. Samer Bahnassi, Cairo, Egypt
Father of Fares Bahnassi, University of Nottingham, BSc Economics 2017

Edusmart team was unbelievably helpful to me when I wanted to study abroad. First, they helped me choose the most suitable university for me then was guiding me step by step through everything and whenever I contacted them,  they were always available. Also when I began the year they kept in touch with me to follow up my progress and see if I have any problems.

They are very professional and they can help you no matter what is your goal or your situation , plus they get you an amazing scholarship;)

Ahmed Tamer, Cairo, Egypt
Student at ISC University of Twente Engineering foundation 2018 , BEng Electrical engineering 2019 

Edusmart International company was very helpful for me and my son in his admission for the university. They were supportive to choose for my son the best option and help him in his foundation year last year and he passed it quite well and was accepted this year to achieve his aim in entering Physiotherapy University of Liverpool. I am so greatful for the help of Edusmart international team whom they support a lot my son​.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Thank you so much wishing them all success.

Ms. Dina Croubalian, Cairo, Egypt
Mother of Nayer Fares, University of Liverpool , BSc Physiotherapy 2017 

​I’m so glad I chose the Edusmart  international team to help me with my enrolment process. They did not only help me get into the university of my choice, but they also prepared me for it. The enrolment process is a very complicated one but they dealt with the whole thing very professionally and still continue to help me in my foundation year.

Most importantly, they deal with each case as its own and always try their best to help find the course that is most suitable. I can depend on them if I needed anything regarding the course, the visa process or the accommodation.
Special thanks to Miss Mary.

Habiba Elsayed , Cairo, Egypt
Studying Law Foundation pathway at KIC 2018, LLB Law University of Birmingham 2019 

 I want to share with you my experience with edusmart international , it was one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. They helped my son from starting point of his application till he arrived in UK. 

They are very helpful , hard workers. They helped him in every single step to get it into the university. Although he have had a visa refusal previously when he applied through another agency, yet they made it through very smoothly and they helped him with the interview preparation. i don’t think that there is a better agency , and a very special thanks to the most helpful woman that helped us alot in the process , she is Dr.Mary Atef .

I really highly recommend if anyone want to take the step to study abroad , you have to contact them and they will give you many choices and plenty of offers.

THANK YOU for helping my son and it was a very good experience ❤❤

Mrs Jihan Hnetish , Cairo, Egypt
Mother of Ahmed Khaled, University of Huddersfield ISC , BSc Computer Science 2019 

Edusmart International Team was with me from the first step in applying to study abroad, including my visa application, although it was really hard in my case, but Edusmart International made it easy. And gave me the best options for Universities for my career to choose from.​

A huge appreciation to Miss Mary who was with me from the first step until I was enrolled to the university, and months past after my enrollment and we are still in touch.

I recommend Edusmart International to all my friends and family members. Thank you Edusmart for all the help.

Mautasam Bellah El Magharbi, Libya
Studying at De Montford University , BEng Manufacting Engineering 2018